Return Policy

Warranty Claims

Items that have been sent back as a warranty claim will either be replaced with a new item or a complete refund will be given. Please read the necessary details, as well as the return shipping procedures located in the warranty section for further information.

Incorrect Parts:

In any case that a wrong part was sent to the consumer, RUI will exchange the item for the correct part if these conditions were followed:
– The part has been sent back within a month after the purchase has been made.
– The part returned is still new and in good condition.

Exchanges of Incorrect client

For exchanges of inaccurate items, we will shoulder the shipping cost of the new item that will be sent back to the customer.

However, in case that the new item is cheaper than the mistaken one, the remaining balance in the price will be refunded. On the other hand, if the correct item costs more, the customer has an option of receiving the part and wage the remaining balance, or just ask for the full refund instead. In any case that our company fails to find the correct item for you, we’ll just send a full refund for the original price– excluding shipment.
In case that the incorrect item was purchased through phone with our customer service representative giving the part details, we’ll be obliged to also send the refund of $7.00 to for the shipment cost.

Overall, no matter what the situation is, it’s the client’s responsibility to carefully pack and send the incorrect items back to us.

Other Returns:

Those customers who are planning to return the product for any other reason aside from a warranty claim, or receiving a mistaken item can do so under the most favorable circumstances:
– The part has been sent back within a month of the transaction
– The item is still new and in good condition.
– The buyer is willing to shoulder the restocking charge of $10.


Call the customer service hotline at 281-820-0900, ext 3 and inform us why you chose to return the item. The sales representative will state your Return Authorization number

Also, the part that should be returned must be shipped by the customer, together with the Return Authorization number, and valid contact information (email address and phone number).

Note: If our company doesn’t receive the return part in good condition, we cannot issue an exchange or refund. We highly suggest that the customer should return the items with insurance, tracking, and delivery confirmation.