Warranty Policy

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remote transmitters must be programmed in order for them to operate your system. You are requested to read more on this from the Technology section of this website. Additionally, you can call RUI for more information or if you need assistance in regard to programming your transmitter. Please note that cases of defective new remote transmitters are very rare. Rather, there are two more likely problems in such a case:

1. The battery in your remote could be running low on charge.

2. Your vehicle could be experiencing a hitch in its system receiver which in turn interferes with the transmitter’s ability to go into the programming mode.

It is important to understand that Remote Unlimited always ensure that batteries in all your replacement part are working perfectly before leaving our warehouse. However, we also understand that after a while, batteries are bound to lose their charge. If you need to know more about testing your battery, see the Battery Testing section under FAQs. Please call our very knowledgeable technical support at RUI 281-820-0300 before lodging a warranty claim since they may help troubleshoot and possibly determine your system’s problem. Remote Unlimited provides the following 90-DAY LIMITED WARRANTY on your newly purchased part:

– The warranty covers all our products against various manufacturing defects for a period of 90 days beginning from the date of purchase. Please note that only the defective parts are covered for replacement although, at RUI’s option, a full refund of the purchase price may be considered.

– The warranty covers the defects that lead to poor performance of the remote control. This, however, does not apply to poor performance resulting from damage such as from severe impact, contact with water, exposure to excessive heat or any other form of improper handling or use. Additionally, the warranty does not cover transmitters that have been improperly programmed or are not working as a result of defects in other components in the customer’s alarm system such as the receiver.

How to make a warranty claim

– First, the customer must call the RUIs technical support team at RUI 281-820-0300, ext 2, in order to report the problem. After the technical support representative has established the problem, the customer is provided with a Warranty Claim Record number. The date of the call will determine whether the claim meets the 90-Day deadline.

– The customer will be expected to return the non-working part to RUI. After an examination of the non-working part by RUI, an exchange or refund can then be issued depending on whether the claim meets the conditions. Filling the initial claim will be done by phone after which the customer sends the returned part with a correspondence indicating the Warranty Claim Record number as well as complete contact information (can be phone number and/or email address) to RUI at:

Warranty Claims

Remotes Unlimited Inc.

12999 Murphy Road, Suite C-2

Stafford, TX 77477.

Important Note: Only after receiving the returned part undamaged will RUI issue an exchange or refund. For this reason, we strongly advise our customers to return the merchandise with a tracking, insurance and delivery confirmation.